Xile Beauty | Fave4 Professional Hair Products

Project Description

Recognized in the hair industry for developing some of the most highly regarded and successful hair products, tools, accessories and brands, Xile Beauty™ has developed the super fun and relevant fave4—hairdressers’ favorite products for clients’ favorite looks. Ongoing projects include product and package design, social media marketing, web design, merchandising products, sales sheets, email design, and trade show displays reflecting Xile Beauty’s commitment to be socially savvy, globally responsible, and professionally excellent in the beauty industry.

Project Details

Client  Xile Beauty: Fave4
Location  Dallas, TX
Skills  Branding, Web Design, Package Design, Social Media
View  fave4.com  |  @fave4hair

Packaging & Merchandising

Package designs for fave4 include hairsprays, shampoos and conditioners, styling creams, hair perfumes and styling tools. Merchandising projects consist of point-of-purchase displays, shelf talkers, display racks, wall posters and promotional cards.

Cross-platform Advertising

Advertising and marketing for fave4 was comprised of ads in trade and retail publications as well as consistent social media posts and weekly email designs to stay current and relevant to today’s trends.

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